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Our ​mission​

Winning Go-to-Market organizations align ​to a common story just as orchestra ​members tune their instruments to a ​common tone (A-440). 4Forty Marketing is ​your partner in composing and executing ​strategies that inspire audiences to act.

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We believe in getting right to the point. ​Our team will partner with you to design ​and execute clear, concise and compelling ​strategies that prioritize timely outcomes.

Who you are?

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Mark DiFraia

Founder & Managing Director

Mark is an accomplished speaker, influencer, industry leader and creative ​marketing executive who recognizes that organizations must have a ​sincere dedication to implementing a solid messaging/communications ​platform to truly move markets. His vision for 4Forty is to:

  • Inspire leaders to invest in a strong messaging foundation
  • Work hand-in-hand with clients to build/execute go-to-market plans
  • Coach individuals who aspire to be “needle moving” communicators

4Forty reflects Mark’s frugal, sales-minded bias for action to ensure clients ​realize exceptional value for their investment.

Just as musicians tune their instruments prior to a ​performance… 4Forty clients tune their organizations to ​align with their brand and product messaging ​framework.”

Our Services

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Brand, product, solution, ​thought leadership, ​messaging frameworks ​and strategies


Go-to-Market activities ​including content, ​websites, presentations, ​business/partner ​development and ​more

Ad​visory & Coaching

Strategic and tactical ​communications support ​serving senior executives ​and emerging leaders

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Brand, Product & Solution Messaging ​Framework Development

Audience Persona Analysis

PR & Communications Strategy ​Development

Solution Valuation & Pricing

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Fractional CMO / COO Services

PR & Communications Program ​Implementation & Operation

Website Development & Operation

Partnership Development Services

Business Development Services

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Advisory & ​Coaching

Go-to-Market Advisory Services

Executive Communications Coaching

(internal & external audieces)

Executive Communications Coaching

Presentation & Public Speaking Training

Strategic Planning Facilitation

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Together we will build and execute plans ​that create sales interest, attract partners, ​shape company culture, develop tale​nt, demonstrate thought leadership a​nd promote your organi​zation’s value.


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